Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shoe Addiction: Finsk Pony skin wooden wedge shoe

I first saw these shoes being worn by Andy from StyleScrapbook, I just fell a chill, and inexplicable urge. These are not shoes, ladies and gentlemen, these are pieces of art!

Andy from StyleScrapbook

These Finsk pony skin wooden wedge shoes are really avant-garde, yet wearable, a very unusual combination. Oh yes! I could imagine myself wearing these shoes, walking around Miraflores with such proud. Sadly, I don't have 451 euros  laying around right now (I'll just have to settle with the pictures for now, the cruel reality).

But lets talk about the designer of such beautiful pieces now. Finnish born Julia Lundsten is considered one of the best shoe designers in England; her brand, Finsk, was launched in 2004 and already the FINSK wooden wedge shoe is renowned and considered an icon of our times. 

Coming from a design oriented family (her father is an architect and her mother an interior designer) she clearly seeks inspiration in architecture, furniture and some structures found in nature. 

Julia Lundsten

I am now officially a Finsk fan

Thank you for reading!
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Nuria said...

Hola Midori!

He encontrado tu blog por casualidad y me ha gustado su toque personal y los temas que tratas. Me gustaría invitarte a conocer red social de moda y tendencias nacida en España. Creo que podrías aportar buen contenido y lo pasarías bien en la sección Grupos:

Donde puedes crear tu propio grupo y/o hablar de lo que te guste! Estás invitada!



Midori said...

Hola Nuria, pues ei tengo una cuenta de Trendtation , pero aún no he tenido mucho tiempo de colocar mucho contenido. Gracias!


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