Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Board 4 | Power sorbet

I played  a little bit with Polyvore tonight and put together  this outfit. I liked the idea of combining the strong lines pf a black power dress with sorbet turquoise and golden accessories. The accessories soften the look while making a statement. I love big bold accessories in soft colors.

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New Feature! Hypeed

Hey guys! From now on you will see little hearts on the bottom left of my pictures. Every time you feel inspired with a picture or like what you see you can click on the heart to save and tag the pic to your Hypeed inspirational folder (easy way to store pics of your favorite bloggers).

For more info, click here

Try with this photo from my boutique photoshoot:

Dress from Mozhdeh Matin and skirt from Carla Reaño.
Photographer: Hellman Gil Relayze
Art direction and Styling: Midori Pinillos
Model: Janeth Regalado
Hair and Make up: Bertha Yanama

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gana unos aretes de Marino Mixán | Win designer earrings

TREND STUDIO te regala aretes Florecillas de Marino Mixán. Para participar en el sorteo solo debes seguir los siguientes pasos:

1. Hazte fan de Trend Studio en Facebook
2. Sugiere la página a 5 amigos
3. Escribe sus nombres como comentario en
este album hasta el 13 de julio.

Sorteo: 14 de Julio

Válido solo para personas que se encuentren en Lima-Perú en el momento del sorteo.


TREND STUDIO is giving away designer earrings from Marino Mixán. To take part of the draw of these awesome earrings you must follow these steps:

1. Become a fan of Trend Studio on Facebook here
2. Suggest the page to 5 friends
3. Write a comments with their names here until July 13.

Draw: July 14
Valid only for people that are in Lima-Perú at the time of the draw.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Convocatoria Proyecto Arte|Moda

Trend Studio, en colaboración con el diseñador Jose Francisco Ramos presentan el Proyecto ARTE|MODA. El proyecto propone la intervención de un maniquí para expresar un mismo tema desde diferentes visiones.
ARTE|MODA nace de la idea de que la moda no tiene solo un valor estético, sino que puede servir como elemento de expresión de las personas y las sociedades. Esta, además, se alimenta de las expresiones culturales del momento y se modifica de acuerdo a las condiciones económicas, sociales, climáticas y materiales que la rodea.  En esta ocasión, ARTE|MODA propone un tema de consciencia ecológica.
La idea de intervenir un espacio es la de modificar una o mas de sus propiedades. En este caso se propone intervenir el maniquí central de Trend Studio.

Espacio1: Tienda Trend Studio.
- Función de la tienda: Espacio comercial. Exposición y venta de prendas de vestir.
- Modificación de la Función: La tienda deja de ser solo un espacio comercial de exposición y venta de prendas de vestir para convertirse en un espacio de exposición de arte y un espacio de comunicación.

Espacio2: Maniquí colgante.
- Función del Maniquí: Base para mostrar prendas de vestir
- Modificación de la función: Deja de ser un objeto  para ser un medio de comunicación y expresión.

TEMA: "La vestimenta según la visión del planeta en el futuro".
Explicación: Los artistas deben visualizar la situación y características del planeta dentro de 100 años. Tomando en cuenta el problema del calentamiento global, cuáles serían las condiciones climáticas, culturales, sociales, políticas y de provisión de materiales dentro de 100 años. ¿Se ha seguido por el mismo camino? ¿Se ha prestado el debido esfuerzo en lograr un desarrollo sostenible? ¿Qué ha cambiado en la cultura? Finalmente, los artistas deben mostrar su propia visión, respondiendo a estas incógnitas por medio de la vestimenta, interviniendo el maniquí.


1. La participación en este proyecto de intervención está permitida para diseñadores y artistas de toda índole que se encuentren en Lima - Perú en el momento de su contribución.

2. Para participar, cada artista debe mandar una propuesta relacionada al tema "La vestimenta según la visión del planeta en el futuro" (Ver explicación) al mail: Todas las propuestas serán analizadas por Jose Francisco Ramos (curador de la muestra) y Midori Pinillos (Trend Studio) para escoger un total de 12 artistas.

3. A cada participante elegido se le dará una fecha de entrega y un periodo de exposición, los cuales se podrán coordinar con la organización de acuerdo al cronograma del proyecto.

4. Cada intervención será expuesta por un periodo inicial de 2 semanas en Trend Studio. Al final de todas las intervenciones se realizará una muestra del trabajo de todos los participantes en conjunto (en una locación diferente).

5. Las fotos de las intervenciones serán difundidas en la web y la página de Facebook de Trend Studio, así como en el blog The Trend Stalker.

6. Se podrá utilizar todo tipo de materiales siempre y cuando no se dañe la integridad de la estructura del maniquí. Se proveerán moldes para forros de ser necesario.

7. Cada participante deberá enviar un texto explicativo del concepto que maneja en su intervención, y de los materiales y los elementos usados, 1 semana antes de la fecha de entrega de la intervención.

8. Cualquier tema que no haya sido previsto por las bases, será resuelto por la organización.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Love Gaga

Did I tell you I love Lady Gaga? Of course I did. I'm always saying it. I love her boldness. I love her style.

I wanted to share with you her latest video "Alejandro". This video is very controversial, people either love it or hate it. I love it. Do you?

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex and the City 2: the outfits

Last night I saw Sex and the City 2 for the second time, I wanted to analyze the styling and the clothes a little more. I have to say that I didn't enjoy looking at their clothes as much as I did at the first movie. I know they wanted to go exotic because of the location and use a brighter color palette; but I think they went a little bit over the top. It even seamed as if they had changed the stylist, the famous Patricia Field. But no, that wasn't the issue. It wasn't  entirely the stylist fault. Sex and the City 2 was a disappointment for many of the fans because they lost the essence of Sex and the City by trying to make it more exotic or exciting and changing scenario. Let's not forget that the title is Sex and THE CITY, and I just missed the sophisticated New York Style that was the main characteristic of this show. 

But let's go by parts. What I found funny, what I didn't like, what I did like and what I missed. 

1. What I found funny: We always find amusing to see the characters we follow before the life we have seen. It is a very common and overused resource but we all found it funny (you could hear the laughing at the movie theater)

Carrie a la Madonna, Country Club Charlotte, goofy lawyer Miranda and tacky bartender Samantha. You gotta love the 80's.

2. What I don't like: 

Riding the camels: I just have to ask..what's up with the hats ladies? specially Samantha's faraon style hat and Miranda's cowboy hat. The colors in Miranda's outfit are just killing me. The only outfit I really like is Carrie's, it looks exotic and classy at the same time and she sure knows how to wear a turban.

Karaoke night: sparkles + bright colors

Dinner at the Dessert:Charlotte and Samantha

3. What I like:

My favorite outfit, this is just perfect

Carrie's pale pink dress and turban (is it possible to have a turban face? if it is, SJP definitely has it)

Oversized earrings, loved them

I wasn't sure were to put this outfit. I have mixed feelings when I see it, I'm not really sure about the mirror golden sunglasses.

Perfect dress, perfect bag, perfect shoes. Love the colors here.

What you wear says a lot of how you see yourself. 

Amazing necklace and lovely hairdo.

4. What I missed.  

Sex and the City 1 outfits were so much more sophisticated and they showed a wider range of styles.

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shoe Addiction: Finsk Pony skin wooden wedge shoe

I first saw these shoes being worn by Andy from StyleScrapbook, I just fell a chill, and inexplicable urge. These are not shoes, ladies and gentlemen, these are pieces of art!

Andy from StyleScrapbook

These Finsk pony skin wooden wedge shoes are really avant-garde, yet wearable, a very unusual combination. Oh yes! I could imagine myself wearing these shoes, walking around Miraflores with such proud. Sadly, I don't have 451 euros  laying around right now (I'll just have to settle with the pictures for now, the cruel reality).

But lets talk about the designer of such beautiful pieces now. Finnish born Julia Lundsten is considered one of the best shoe designers in England; her brand, Finsk, was launched in 2004 and already the FINSK wooden wedge shoe is renowned and considered an icon of our times. 

Coming from a design oriented family (her father is an architect and her mother an interior designer) she clearly seeks inspiration in architecture, furniture and some structures found in nature. 

Julia Lundsten

I am now officially a Finsk fan

Thank you for reading!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Opening Cocktail and Fashion Show: TREND STUDIO

Last thursday was a very exciting and important day for me. The official opening of my store, Trend Studio. I organized a cocktail and a fashion show with garments of the bad-ass, talented peruvian designers I work with.

Here are some pictures of that day, taken by Diego Reaño:

Calle Porta 217 - Miraflores (Lima, Perú)

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