Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex and the City 2: the outfits

Last night I saw Sex and the City 2 for the second time, I wanted to analyze the styling and the clothes a little more. I have to say that I didn't enjoy looking at their clothes as much as I did at the first movie. I know they wanted to go exotic because of the location and use a brighter color palette; but I think they went a little bit over the top. It even seamed as if they had changed the stylist, the famous Patricia Field. But no, that wasn't the issue. It wasn't  entirely the stylist fault. Sex and the City 2 was a disappointment for many of the fans because they lost the essence of Sex and the City by trying to make it more exotic or exciting and changing scenario. Let's not forget that the title is Sex and THE CITY, and I just missed the sophisticated New York Style that was the main characteristic of this show. 

But let's go by parts. What I found funny, what I didn't like, what I did like and what I missed. 

1. What I found funny: We always find amusing to see the characters we follow before the life we have seen. It is a very common and overused resource but we all found it funny (you could hear the laughing at the movie theater)

Carrie a la Madonna, Country Club Charlotte, goofy lawyer Miranda and tacky bartender Samantha. You gotta love the 80's.

2. What I don't like: 

Riding the camels: I just have to ask..what's up with the hats ladies? specially Samantha's faraon style hat and Miranda's cowboy hat. The colors in Miranda's outfit are just killing me. The only outfit I really like is Carrie's, it looks exotic and classy at the same time and she sure knows how to wear a turban.

Karaoke night: sparkles + bright colors

Dinner at the Dessert:Charlotte and Samantha

3. What I like:

My favorite outfit, this is just perfect

Carrie's pale pink dress and turban (is it possible to have a turban face? if it is, SJP definitely has it)

Oversized earrings, loved them

I wasn't sure were to put this outfit. I have mixed feelings when I see it, I'm not really sure about the mirror golden sunglasses.

Perfect dress, perfect bag, perfect shoes. Love the colors here.

What you wear says a lot of how you see yourself. 

Amazing necklace and lovely hairdo.

4. What I missed.  

Sex and the City 1 outfits were so much more sophisticated and they showed a wider range of styles.

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