Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and I thought that a good way to celebrate is to apply 1 of the 3 basic rules to take care of the environment (REduce, REuse, REcycle).

Today I want  to REUSE and old item from my closet. I have an old jean jacket that I used to love but now it doesn't fit quite right on the arms. So I'm going to take out my scissors and try to pull out this look by Frida J. from FYNDIGT

It would be fun if you could reuse an old item from your closet doing some easy alterations and then tell me about it. We can all pitch in with ideas...what do you think? we can be fashionable and environment friendly at the same time.

In other subject, I finally watched The September Issue yesterday. Although I finished watching it very late yesterday, I felt eager to tell you my thoughts on the film right away. But I was just too excited. I think the only word that came to mind was WONDERFUL.

I think this is the best documentary I have ever seen. The editing was so fluid that I never stopped feeling like I was inside the Vogue walls, watching Anna very closely. Personally, I loved the friendship/rivalry relationship between Anna and Grace. I think that the difference in opinion between the 2 fashion goddesses made the editorials richer and more interesting.

I also loved how Mario Testino (who, by the way, is peruvian) had such a strong personality and took creative liberties when shooting with Sienna Miller.

It was just so amazing to see the dynamic between editors, stylists, fashion designers, models and photographers. It made me wanna jump into a plane, go to NYC and knock on Vogue's doors asking for a job doing anything of the above. It really is a wonderful , yet misunderstood world. As Anna said, "There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous" and that's probably why they mock it.

thanks for reading!

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