Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Am I the last to watch it?

I had been waiting for "The September Issue" to be shown at the local movie theaters, but many months have passed and apparently there is no intention to release the movie in my country. Today I had it with the waiting. I think I'm the only fashion lover that has not watched the film.
This morning, while I was working I started to download the movie and now I have it, I'm so excited to watch it!
I'll tell you my thoughts on the film tomorrow...I know it's late and everyone has watched it already but maybe we can start a fun discussion about it.

thanks for reading!


Mariela Q. said...

yo tampoco la he visto, pero la bajare tb, me pasas el link!

Midori said...

la acabo de terminar...espectacular. No puedo promocionar piratería por acá (pero pásame tu mail y asunto arreglado). Gracias por comentar, estaba comenzando a pensar que no había nadie leyendo ;)


I just finished it...spectacular. Thank you for commenting, I was starting to think that there was no one out there reading ;)


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