Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jose Francisco Ramos | Peruvian designer |

Dramatic, structured and colorful. This collection by Jose Francisco Ramos, a young peruvian designer, is creative and easy to wear at the same time. I specially like the accent on the shoulders and hips on many of the pieces; and the structured, almost architectural style.

Jose Francisco Ramos has just won the Promperu award to the Best Young Designer in the "Flashmode" Fashion Festival 2009 and will be presenting new designs in Peru Moda 2010 Fashion Show.

I know we will see a lot more from this talented designer soon.

So now leave you with some pictures from the collection. These awesome pictures were taken by Sara Maria Rodriguez, lighting in charge of Gisella Benavides, editing by Cesar Porta, styling by Romel Oliveira and the model is Daniela Azula. Enjoy and comment!

You will be able to get these awesome designs soon at Trend Studio, the new house for peruvian fashion.


kaia. said...
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kaia. said...

Me comi una palabra, sorry, jaja.

Bueno, decia que pude ver su trabajo en el flashmode y sin duda fue el que destaco mas (mi humilde opinion).
Aparte de eso, me parecio buena gente, y bastante cordial ;)

p.d.- Por cierto, que buena introduccion a tu blog, triste pero cierto Lima, lamentablemente, no es una ciudad muy fashion forward... espero que esto cambie con el tiempo.


Midori said...

de hecho sí, pero depende de nosotros, comenzar a vestir lo que nos parezca sin importar lo que piensan os tradicionales. Por ejemplo, comenzar a usar ropa con propuesta de diseñadores peruanos como Jose Francisco.


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